Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Asda and Tesco - Restructuring to reflect multichannel markets Coursework

Asda and Tesco - Restructuring to reflect multichannel markets - Coursework Example adership, it is still not clear on the nature of leadership and how it relates to other variables including performance satisfaction and commitment of the employees. Moreover, there is a difference between leadership and management. A manager involves him or herself in planning, organization, staffing, controlling, and directing (Rumsey 2013). Leadership, on the other hand is more concerned with influence. One may be a manager but fail to be an effective leader. The ability of a leader to influence others is based on various factors, which if well followed would lead to the achievement of the goals and objectives of an organization. There are various theories that have led to the development and influence on the leadership and management business environment in the 21st century. They include: George Graen introduced this theory back in the year 1970 together with his various colleagues (Rhodes & Hart 2014). However, the theory have been adequately revised and changed in the subsequent years since 1970. It focuses in trying to determine the type of relationship existing between the leader and the subordinate staff thus coming up with effective outcomes. As a result, it is able to determine whether the leader and the subordinates will be in a position to develop good working relations that will ensure that the organization achieves its desired goals (Riggio & Harvey 2011). Though the leader treats the subordinates differently according to the relationships they have and the job performance. The leaders establish close relations with some leaders while fail to do so with other subordinates. Those with close relations with the leader have relationships build on trust and mutual respect. They are always involved in important decision making of the organization. As a result, they are well motivated and that matches up with their job-performance. Those employees who the leaders are not so close with are always left out of decision making of the organization. As a

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